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In 2003 Trend Group, established in 2000 by Pino Bisazza, acquired the Angelo Orsoni furnace, enriching in this way the international company – already worldwide known for the production and the distribution of the industrial mosaics – with the historical handcraft Venetian company. Lucio Orsoni is still nowadays artistic consultant and Honorary President of the company. With the application of every single tesserae the Orsoni’s history continues, as brilliant, as pure and as magical as the mosaics themselves.

Trend Group SpA is a multinational company based in Vicenza specializing in the production of glass mosaics and surfaces made of natural stone agglomerates. This demonstrates how the company is driven by a strong innovative spirit while remaining firmly rooted in the Venetian artisanal tradition. 

Orsoni Venezia 1888 SpA
Cannaregio 1045 – 1045 A
30121 Venezia, Italy

Trend Group SpA
Piazzale Fraccon 8
36100 Vicenza, Italy

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