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Timeless works

Artistic mosaics represent one of the most fascinating and versatile forms of creative expression. With a history spanning millennia, this technique has been used to adorn and enhance architectural spaces with a timeless touch of beauty. If you are a creative, an architect, or a designer, you will find that artistic mosaics offer infinite possibilities to transform artistic visions into enduring and impactful realities.

Orsoni Venezia 1888 has been creating timeless mosaics since its inception, thanks to the master Lucio Orsoni, who has continually renewed the art of mosaics to embrace contemporary tastes. The company has never ceased to foster creativity in the realization of mosaics, keeping alive a tradition that combines artistic quality and technical innovation. The mosaic artists at Orsoni are true masters of their craft, using precious and incredibly versatile materials designed to last and offer endless creative possibilities.

Creation of artistic mosaic in the Orsoni workshop

Artistic Qualities

Infinite Creativity: Creating a mosaic allows for the combination of colors, shapes, and different materials to create unique works. Whether it’s a monumental mural or a decorative detail, artistic mosaics offer a canvas where each piece harmoniously integrates to form a complex and meaningful work of art.

Precious Details: The mosaic technique allows for incredible precision, with the ability to create minute details that capture attention and imagination. Each tile, hand-cut to the desired shape, contributes to a final result of high aesthetic quality, allowing the design to take shape in both curvilinear and regular forms.

Custom Projects: Mosaics can be designed to reflect personal styles, specific themes, or particular project requirements. This level of customization makes each work unique and perfectly integrated into the context for which it was created.

Study for a floor in colored venetian smalti

Technical qualities and durability Qualities

Durability and Longevity: Made with high-quality materials, Orsoni’s Venetian enamels and gold leaf tiles are extremely resistant over time. These materials are chosen not only for their beauty but also for their ability to withstand weathering, wear, and time, ensuring a lifespan of decades.

Weather Resistance: Mosaics are ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces due to their resistance to water and climatic variations. This characteristic makes them perfect for applications in pools, fountains, building facades, and other exposed environments.

Ease of Maintenance: Once installed, mosaics require minimal maintenance. The smooth and durable surface resists scratches and stains, making cleaning simple and effective without the need for chemical products.

Material Versatility: The ability to use a palette of 3,500 enamel colors and more than 50 shades of gold (from whites to coppery tones) and colored golds, in the desired sizes from large pieces to small tiles, gives Orsoni mosaics a unique versatility. The brilliance of glass and gold, in addition to the robustness of the material, adds a different dimension to the work, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Artistic mosaic in a private house in Milan
Artistic mosaic cutting


Creating an artistic mosaic requires advanced technical skills combined with a unique creative component for each project. Hand-cut enamel plates allow for controlled fracture to achieve the desired shape and perfect appearance for decorating any surface. The versatility of artistic mosaics allows for the creation of intricate and detailed decorations, suitable for both large and small spaces.

Creation of artistic mosaic portraits

Comprehensive project support

The creative and technical team at Orsoni Venezia 1888 supports every client through all project phases, from choosing the technique and color palette to technical solutions for gluing, laying, and installation. This comprehensive approach ensures that each mosaic is not only beautiful but also functionally integrated into the space for which it was designed.

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