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A library with 3,500 different colors

The Venetian Smalti produced by Orsoni are created with fine quartz sand, fused with metallic oxides at high temperatures, making the material non-transparent (hence the term smalto, enamel glass) and colored in thousands of shades.

The charm of this material lies in its craftsmanship, full consistency, compact luminosity, irregularity of the format, and infinite choice of colors, distinctive elements of the historic Orsoni furnace. Since 1888, the ingredients used are called ‘soul’ and ‘body,’ essential elements for a unique and artistic product, born from techniques of the 15th and 16th centuries.

The Color Library with 3.500 tone of colors
Smalti piastrina cutting by hand

Following ancient traditional techniques, the Venetian Smalti are supplied on request in plates or custom-made, up to the mosaic tile format. They can be mounted on various supports to facilitate installation.

The Orsoni Venetian Smalti are a unique traditional product, with wide decorative possibilities thanks to the variety of colors and intensity. Their technical characteristics include resistance to water, light, frost, thermal shocks, and chemical agents, making them suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Particular care should be taken during installation as it is a handmade material; it is advisable to rely on Orsoni professionals, expert mosaicists capable of handling any mosaic project.

What makes Orsoni Venezia 1888 unique, in addition to its centuries-old history, is the availability of over 3,500 different color shades. The Orsoni color chart, available to the public in the Orsoni Color Choice, contains 295 base colors among Venetian Smalti, Golds from white to copper colors, and precious Colored Golds. The off-catalog colors are stored in the Color Library, which contains more than 3,500 different color shades, a unique place to choose materials from a continually renewing collection.

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