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Artisanal crafted jewelry

The gold mosaic from Orsoni Venezia 1888 are crafted with the purest glass, produced artisanally with the application of 24-carat gold leaf. They are created using the concept of hot pairing of two glasses, where the gold leaf is protected between the glass plate that gives it thickness and a thin layer of blown glass for protection. The range of golds produced by the Orsoni furnace includes over twenty different shades, from white gold to copper tones, allowing for a play of hues and different tones of gold.

The blowing of colored glass pieces to protect the gold leaf results in a range of uniquely charming and precious colored golds. Orsoni golds are available with different surface finishes, in smooth or wavy versions, and are supplied loose or mounted on various supports to facilitate installation.

creation of the glass pieces for the protection of the gold leaf
Application of the gold leaf

The gold mosaic produced by Orsoni since 1888 is the most precious product for its history, craftsmanship, and aesthetic qualities. Each tile is unique due to the hand-cutting process, which gives the final result a vibrant brilliance that is unmatched. Orsoni’s gold leaf mosaics and colored golds are a Made in Venice product, with no imitations on the market due to the complexity of production and artisanal skill in making and hand-cutting them.

Plate with 24-carat gold leaf
Cutting of the gold mosaic tiles

This precious material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, on floors and walls, depending on how the tile’s face is positioned. Special care must be taken during installation, as it is a handmade material, and it is recommended to rely on Orsoni professionals, expert mosaicists capable of installing any type of mosaic project. The gold can also be used in contact with water (for example, in pools, spas, fountains, or outdoor works).

Orsoni Venezia 1888 golds, valued for their uniqueness, are used to create highly valuable and extraordinarily beautiful projects worldwide. The precious tiles are particularly suitable for use as inserts for borders and decorations on walls and floors, where it is easy to achieve a unique and precious result even with the use of a few tiles.

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