Orsoni Venezia 1888 & TREND Group mosaic continues to inspire the most prestigious haute couture Maisons. The latest example is Mosaica, a reinterpretation of the Lady Dior bag designed by Italian artist Fabrizio Plessi to celebrate Venice. The masterpiece, entirely decorated in 24K gold leaf mosaic tiles manufactured according to the ancient Byzantine mosaic tradition guarded by Orsoni since 1888, was presented in the House’s Venice boutique in conjunction with the opening of Biennale Arte 2022.

©Andrea Cenetiempo

In designing the artwork Plessi has drawn inspiration from gold, a symbol of La Serenissima exemplified by the dazzling mosaics that adorn Saint Mark’s Basilica and one of Dior’s iconic fundamentals. Orsoni maintains a historical tie with the iconic Venetian Basilica: since 1888 it has contributed in preserving the eternal splendor of its mosaic decorations being the only furnace capable of producing the exclusive San Marco Gold.

The precious artwork sparkles with 2,200 24K gold leaf tiles, skillfully cut and laid by hand by Orsoni’s mosaic master Paola Gortan. On one side of the bag, a screen displays the name “Dior”, undulating to the rhythm of the water, evoking the lagoon that surrounds the city. This visual experience, enhanced by sound effects, embodies the concept of humanized technology, central to Plessi’s philosophy. Illuminated by the digital light of modernity“, in the words of the artist, the artwork balances the spirit of antiquity with contemporaneity, the power of gold and the fluidity of water.

“This is a unique piece intended to pay homage not only to Venice, art, and the Biennale, but above all to one of the island’s iconic materials – gold mosaic – of which Orsoni Venezia 1888 is the highest expression”, explained Fabrizio Plessi, “I chose Orsoni’s experience because in the field of mosaics and gold it is a unique world excellence conveying the classic concept of timeless beauty.”

The stunning work, a symbol of elegance and refinement, embodies the synthesis between the ancient Italian mosaic manufacture with contemporary style and technologies, the fusion of tradition and design excellence with innovation: the two souls composing the essence of TREND Group, of which Orsoni is proudly part of. 

Orsoni Mosaic Masterclass

The mosaic school is currently undergoing restoration. We anticipate the reopening in 2025. Once the program for the International Mosaic Masterclasses is available, it will be published on the website. 

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