W Hotel – The Palm

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

​​The new Marriott Bonvoy Property hotel in Dubai, designed by Jean Nouvel, is located on Palm Jumeirah, the large artificial island overlooking the city.

W Hotel The Palm, where details bring the design narrative to life thanks to the interior design work of DWP (Design Worldwide Partnership), features architecture that evokes the organic and natural curves of sand dunes and the coast, in contrast with the geometric lines of the city’s skyscrapers.

In Jean Nouvel’s W The Palm Hotel project in Dubai, the use of mosaics plays a significant role in the building’s aesthetics. These mosaics help create a luxurious and refined environment, perfectly integrating with other design elements inspired by the sea, boats, and sails. The use of mosaics not only adds an artistic touch to the interiors but also helps to merge the indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a continuous flow that emphasizes the connection with the water and surrounding nature.

In the main tunnel and on the reception wall, the magic of shapes comes to life through the colored enamel tiles decorating the walls. The abstract decor is inspired by natural native leaves and plants and is created using the artistic mosaic technique, which involves cutting the tiles into different and unique pieces that fit together perfectly, creating an incredibly contemporary material effect.

A second tunnel leading to the restaurants, made with the same artistic technique, is inspired by the colors of the desert surrounding Dubai. The use of Orsoni Venetian Smalti adds a scenic effect to the two welcoming points of the W Hotel The Palm, translating natural elements into a contemporary work of great visual impact.


Design director

Mohamed Kafel (Al Sharq investments)

Senior Designer

Monica Twarowski (DWP)


Orsoni Venezia 1888


Courtesy Countdown Media-Fadel Itani

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