Venissa CasaBurano

Venice, Italy

A pattern made with Orsoni Venetian smalti in the flooring

The collaboration between the Orsoni furnace and the Venissa Casa Burano project represents a significant meeting point between artisanal tradition and innovation in the context of design and hospitality, further enriched by the contribution of Studio Baukuh. In this interior design project, Orsoni Venezia 1888 demonstrates how a traditional material such as Venetian smalti (enamel glass) can be integrated into contemporary contexts, blending tradition and creativity while keeping ancient glassworking techniques alive.

Venissa Casa Burano is a hospitality project located on the island of Burano, part of the Venetian lagoon. This project is part of the larger Venissa Wine Resort initiative, which also includes a vineyard and a Michelin-starred restaurant on the island of Mazzorbo. Casa Burano offers a unique lodging experience, combining the charm of Burano’s colorful houses with contemporary design and attention to detail that reflects local craftsmanship.

© Photo Mattia Mionetto
© Photo Mattia Mionetto

The Venissa Casa Burano project was developed by the Milanese architecture firm Baukuh, known for its rigorous and intellectual approach to architecture, with a strong interest in the history and culture of the places they operate. In the Casa Burano project, Baukuh successfully interpreted Burano’s local identity, integrating traditional elements with a modern and functional design. The use of Orsoni mosaics in Baukuh’s architectural projects exemplifies this fusion of old and new, helping to create spaces that are both elegant and rich in historical significance.



Arch. Silvia Lupi, Studio Baukuh

Mosaic design

Orsoni Venezia 1888


Mattia Mionetto

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