Dolce & Gabbana Boutique

Venice, Italy

Palazzo Torres, Venice, Italy

Dolce&Gabbana unveils a special boutique in Venice, on Calle Larga XXII Marzo, just steps away from Piazza San Marco and the Teatro La Fenice, housed within the nineteenth-century Palazzo Torres. Designed by American architect Eric Carlson of the Carbondale studio, the boutique pays homage to the historical significance of the palace while exploring the captivating craftsmanship of ancient Venice in a unique and contemporary manner.

The new boutique aims to offer visitors a unique experience, blending the fascinating contrasts between the history of the Serenissima, characterized by its mercantile and artistic activities, and the modernity found within some of the boutique’s rooms.

Upon entering the palace, visitors are immersed in its noble section, a page of history preserved in time: the interiors are entirely adorned with original boiserie, painted and decorated using the trompe-l’oeil technique, restored to its former glory; the floors feature intricate multicolored marble inlays, while the walls are adorned with wooden bas-reliefs depicting scenes from the artisanal and mercantile activities of late nineteenth-century Venice. At the center of the noble area hangs a Murano glass chandelier in gold, as do those in the adjacent areas. The windows bear the coat of arms of the Torres family, who built the palace, which was later converted into a bank in the early twentieth century.

The journey continues through a 20-meter-long corridor, its walls covered in mosaic made of 24-carat gold leaf, meticulously crafted by artisans from the historic Orsoni furnace, along with Venetian stucco marmorino. The glittering golden wall, topped with oblique beams and matte mirrors, is adorned with brass side shelves displaying accessories. This leads to the modern section of the boutique entirely designed by Carbondale: five rooms, each featuring a mosaic floor composed of various marble chromatics.

The area dedicated to the feminine universe features mosaics and Levanto red marble. In the section dedicated to men’s collections, the floor is made of mint green marble mosaic, matching the walls. A large blue mirror stands at the center.

Finally, there’s a room dedicated to Fine Jewellery collections; here, the floor mosaic is made of Marquinia black marble, while the walls are covered in dark blue glass mosaic adorned with gold leaf stars reminiscent of those on the famous clock of the Torre dei Mori in Piazza San Marco. A large baroque-style mirror adorns the farthest wall.

The staircase leading to the first floor is made of antique green marble and leads to the noble area, directly above the ground floor, divided into three rooms intended to be an area for the most special collections.



Eric Carlson, Carbondale Studio


Friul Mosaic


Eric Carlson, Carbondale Studio



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